History of the megamix: Vigilante Boombox Vol 4

Phunkula brings another boombox edition. You know the score by now. Uno. Dos. Tres. Quatro. Keep rocking it.

Vigilante Boombox Vol 4
Mix by Phunkula

Arthur Baker Dub - Crash Goes Love
Hard Rock Soul Movement - Double Def Fresh
Paul Hardcastle - Forest Fire
Beatmaster - Lip Service
MC Shy D - Rapp Will Never Die
C.O.D. - In the Bottle
Tyrone Brunson - El Smurf
T La Rock - Breakdown
Rochelle - Magic Man
Joyce Sims - Lifetime Love
BretaƱa Negra - Funky Nassau
Boogie Boys - Break Dancer
Flash & Furious Five - The Truth
Newcleus - Make It Live
Too Quick & Monzie D - Intelligence
Rake - Street Justice
Paul Kersey - Say Hello To My Little Friend

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