History of the megamix: Stick Em Boombox Vol 7

Phunkula was craving a plate of audio carnage one night so he decided to throw down on the two turntables late night 80s mastermix stylee. Enjoy!

Stick Em Boombox Vol 7
Mix by Phunkula

Willesden Dodgers - Not This President
MC Chill - Bust This Rhyme
Disco 3 - Human Beat Box
Shannon - Do You Wanna Get Away
Rochelle - My Magic Man
Force MDs - Itchin' For A Scratch
Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals
Herbie Hancock - Rock It
Malcolm McLaren - D'ya Like Scratchin
Two Sisters - Scratch This
Cyré - Last Chance
Information Society - Running
Egyptian Lover - You're So Fine
Ready For The World - Digital Display
Renard With No Regard - How Hard Can You Throw It?
Man Parrish - Techno Trax
Shannon - Give Me Tonight
Jenny Burton - Remember What You Like
Jenny Burton - Players
Tina B - Honey To A Bee
Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest
Tim Greene - The Facts Of Life
Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three - Request Line
G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr DJ
Uncle Jamm's Army - What's Your Sign (Of The Zodiac Baby Doll)
Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
Jay Novelle - If This Ain't Love
Sweet Sensation - Take It While It's Hot

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Blogger crypticreign said...

Daaaamn! Lovin' how you slowed down Honey To A Bee. That sounded amazing! It's been a while since your last mix and I'm so so glad that you haven't lost your touch! A++++++!!!!

12:01 PM, May 26, 2011  

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