History of the megamix: We Come To Rock Boombox Vol 6

Here is a phresh new Phunkula boombox mix for all you fans of 80s electro. Same recipe as before, a selection of krusty old electro 12"s megamixed, sliced and diced for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

We Come To Rock Boombox Vol 6
Mix by Phunkula

Beat Box Boys - Punch
Nitro Deluxe - Extreme
Incredible Body Mechanix - B-boy Your Best
Art Of Noise - Beatbox
Davy DMX - Have You Seen Davy
Masterdon Committee - Funkbox 2
Mr Mixx & Two Live Crew- What I Like
Hashim - It's Nasty
Rodney O & Egyptian Lover - Your Chance To Rock
Air Force 1 - See The Light / Feel The Heat
Planet Patrol - Cheap Thrills
Cybotron - Clear
Imperial Brothers & Whiz Kid- We Come To Rock
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
Kraftwerk - Home Computer
Duke Bootee & Melle Mel - Message II (Survival)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Scorpio
Kraftwerk - It's More Fun To Compute

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phunkula,you r the booom...where ya been man,bin looking daily to catch a new mix...at last !!! yr mixes r the best


3:10 PM, January 07, 2011  
Blogger p said...

finally got my SL1200s hooked up again. thanks for stopping by the blog.

10:39 AM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger crypticreign said...

Holly crap am I glad that you are back! Best megamixes anywhere right here!

1:15 PM, March 26, 2011  

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